My name is Gabrielle and I am an illustrator, digital artist, aspiring graphic novel/comic creator and visual story teller.
A little about me and my why...
When I was eight, I used to spend hours in my room, dreaming away the hours of the day, coming up with story ideas and re-plotting the endings to my favourite ones. The best days of my childhood included a new story idea, a fresh pack of printing paper and a brand new set of brightly coloured markers. I drew out fairies in forests each with their own unique powers and gifts, princesses and their princes and the fairy tale adventured they went on together in life and love, bank robbing clowns and the mayhem they caused all whilst parading as a team of birthday party entertainers, pre-teen beauties and the trial and tribulations of their complicated romantic lives, super heroes with girlfriends who would get frustrated with them because they were always out too late fighting crime, modern tales of kick ass female leads in cityscapes trying to solve the latest murder mystery. Okay, that last one might have been when I was much older.

The point is, I have a veracious passion for stories and have since I was little. Stories connect us, stories drive us and tell us so much about who we are as human beings and mortals on this tiny blue ball called earth. I love them. I love reading them. I love watching them. I love listening to them. They inspire me, fill me up, hype me up, get all my creative juices flowing and make me want to contribute awesome stories and artwork to the world, whether they be my own or my client’s.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”- Pablo Picasso

I consider myself very fortunate that I get to do for a living what I did in my room as a child. Being a digital artist and illustrator is something I am highly passionate about and find incredibly rewarding. That moment when a story, character or world sparks the imagination is why I love to do what I do.
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